The time for sharing is approaching The time for sharing is approaching

The time for sharing is approaching

Dear friends,

Christiane LeBlanc
CMIM – Executive and Artistic Director

In the night, outside our windows, the magical light of winter is slowly appearing like a shining symbol of the hope of better days to come. The holiday season—a time of sharing, of extending a hand to others—is fast approaching.
December 1st will be a day dedicated to solidarity, altruism, and philanthropy: Giving Tuesday
. For you, as it is for us, it will be an opportunity to fervently contribute to all of the causes that strive to make for a better society: health care, the fight against poverty, education, the environment… All of these causes are important, but let’s not forget our artists, who have been held at a standstill for several months now.
As this great moment of generosity approaches, I am filled with a feeling of profound gratitude
. The support and generosity of our entire community encourages us to look to the future. Thanks to you, and despite stages that have gone silent, the CMIM is continuing along its path to discover the finest international young talents and make its 2021 Piano edition an event that will be a beacon of hope.
As Giving Tuesday approaches, I would like to thank you—our donors, volunteers, audience, and friends. Thank you for your donations, as well as—and especially—for your words of encouragement, your thoughts, your love, and your passion for music.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Christiane LeBlanc
directrice générale et artistique


* * *

Changing destinies

Artists will be the first to tell you, participating in and winning an international music competition is a key step that changes one’s destiny. Your support for the CMIM allows us to work together to shine a spotlight on tomorrow’s talents and take their careers to new heights.