Piano 2021 – Mot de la direction Piano 2021 – Mot de la direction

Piano 2021 – Message from the directon

Christiane LeBlanc, directrice générale et artistique du CMIM

Christiane LeBlanc, Executive and Artistic Director, CMIM


I love the Concours musical international de Montréal! I love what it is, what it creates, and the collective experience it provides! Each edition generates success stories and gives rise to powerful emotions. What a privilege it is to share in the joy of the young musicians and to be a first-hand witness to the beginnings of their international careers.

The 2021 edition may differ from the norm in many ways, but the CMIM remains the same. This year, once again, there is prestige, excellence, fair play, and that certain Montreal touch that surrounds the event in a distinctive human warmth.

27 competitors from 11 countries are ready for the challenge, 10 jury members are listening, and here we are, assembled all around the world. The Concours musical international has never been more international.

Our pianists are making their way to us via the Web this year, with screens opening up new perspectives. We are being given a front-row seat to their virtuosity. Discover them, follow them, comment, vote, and share the emotion. The winner’s podium beckons them and, as they make their ascension, their musicality brings us together.

To you who love the CMIM, and to all those experiencing it for the first time this year, thank you for enhancing its international outreach.


Christiane LeBlanc
Executive and Artistic Director
Concours musical international de Montréal