CMIM 2020


The current confinement and the closing of international borders do not prevent music from traveling and coming to us. Inspired by the lyrics of Robert Charlebois’s Je reviendrai à Montréal, the CMIM invites you to an International Online Festival.

On the very dates the Piano 2020 edition was to be held, the CMIM invites you to discover several of the young pianists selected for the 2020 edition and who have already announced their return to Montreal for the 2021 edition.

Every day at noon from May 4 to 18, 2020, from their respective living environment all over the planet, the selected competitors will perform short recitals giving us a taste of the next competition to be held in Montreal from May 25 to June 2, 2021.

* * * 

Given the enthusiasm of the competitors, and in order to offer everyone a chance to participate, the CMIM has chosen to extend the daily recitals until May 18.

The adventure continues!


May 18, 2020

Grand Finale



May 17, 2020: Watch Party

Part 1

Part 2



May 15, 2020: Yeontaek Oh
South Korea



May 14, 2020: Stephanie Tang
United States



May 13, 2020: Krysztof Ksiazek



May 12, 2020: Suah Ye
South Korea



May 11, 2020: Cristian Sandrin


May 10, 2020: Dmitry Sin


May 9, 2020: Kevin Ahfat
Canada / USA


May 8, 2020: Alice Burla


May 7, 2020: Alexey Trushechkin


May 6, 2020: Ken Nakasako


May 5, 2020: Su Yeon Kim
South Korea


May 4, 2020: Dimitri Malignan


Alain Lefèvre
Invitation of the honorary patron of the CMIM