Together with One Voice Together with One Voice

Together with One Voice

Among the artists and cultural workers around the world affected most deeply by the pandemic are singers. Opportunities to sing in safe conditions have been scarce since March, but we hope we’ll be able to connect once again with the beauty of their voices very soon.

October 25 to November 1
Until then, we are offering you a week of opera and song, beginning this Sunday on World Opera Day (Oct. 25).
Together with One Voice is an opportunity to revisit some the very best moments of Voice 2018. Through the week, we’ll be posting a new video each day at 9 a.m. on our Facebook page and on this page, featuring one of our laureates and prize winners. 

Mario BAHG (South Korea), tenor

John BRANCY (United States), baritone

Rihab CHAIEB (Canada / Tunisia), mezzo-soprano

Emily D’ANGELO(Canada / Italy), mezzo-soprano

Andrew HAJI (Canada), tenor

Konstantin LEE (South Korea), tenor

Clara OSOWSKI (United States), soprano

Magali SIMARD-GALDÈS (Canada), soprano

Julien VAN MELLAERTS (New Zealand / United Kingdom), baritone

* * *

Together with One Voice is presented as a tribute to Noël Spinelli, who died last week, a great friend of Montreal’s music community and a long-time supporter of the CMIM.

He was always so excited to see new talent take shape and international careers take off, and I think he would have loved revisiting these memorable moments with us once more. 


*  *  *