Prizes and Grants

PIANO 2024: Prizes and GRANTS

Piano 2024

More than $ 200,000 in prizes and grants will be awarded to the laureates and winners of Piano 2024. The CMIM is proud to contribute to the cultural dynamism of Montreal and to the launch of the careers of emerging international musicians.

Thank you to the many and precious partners who make it possible to award these prizes and awards.


Sibylla-Hesse First Prize

Grand Cash Prize of $30,000
Offered by la Ville de Montréal

Joseph-Rouleau Career Development Grant of $50,000
Offered by The Azrieli Foundation

Steinway Recording Prize (valued at over $54,000)
Offered by Steinway & Sons

Steinway Prizewinner Concerts
Korean Tour (World Culture Network) in March 2025 and additional concerts to be announced
Offered by Steinway & Sons

An engagement with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal for a concert or recital in a subsequent season
Offered by the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal

A solo recital engagement for the Coast Recital Society's 2025-2026 season
Offered by the Coast Recital Society, British Columbia

Jaeden IZIK-DZURKO, Canada
More than $140,000
Pierre Péladeau and Raymonde Chopin's Second Prize
Offered by Québecor

Gabriele STRATA, Italy
Third Prize
Offered by Stingray Classical

Chamber Music Award

Cash Prize of $2,500
Offered by Dixi Lambert

An engagement for a concert (valued at $3,500 ) with the Festival de musique de chambre de Montréal
Offered by Dixi Lambert and the Festival de musique de chambre de Montréal

Gabriele STRATA, Italy
More than $6,000
Audience award ICI Musique
Offered by ICI Musique

Gabriele STRATA, Italy
André Bourbeau Award for the Best Canadian Artist
Offered by The Fondation Bourbeau

Jaeden IZIK-DZURKO, Canada
Bita Cattelan Philanthropic Engagement Award
Offered by Bita & Paolo Cattelan

Cash Prize of $2,500
An engagement for a philanthropic event - valued at $2,500

Élisabeth PION, Canada
Best performance of a Sonata in the Semifinal
Offered by Anne Stevens

Jaeden IZIK-DZURKO, Canada
André Bachand Award for the Best performance of an imposed Canadian work
Offered by Claudette Hould

Jaeden IZIK-DZURKO, Canada
Junior Jury Prize

Jakub KUSZLIK, Poland
3 CMIM Grants for unranked finalists
Offered by Rouleau family, Morris & Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation and Louise Roy

Elias ACKERLEY, UK and South Korea ;
Jakub KUSLIK, Poland ;
Derek WANG, United States

$3,000 each


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Notes :  

* All amounts are in Canadian dollars.